Hey! So Glad You're Here.

Ah life! You complex, chaotic, rewarding, challenging thing. So much of what we are, almost anything of any importance to us is a product of our minds. Our ideas, our impressive civilisations, our culture and desires, dreams and connections. Our minds are a hot bed of beliefs, powered by a neural network of billions of connections, created by genes and shaped by environment. Spending time peering into the depths of our minds, being blown away by the ability to use our minds to examine the mechanisms that underpin it... that's the stuff of awe. 

So much unhappiness, stress and pain comes from misunderstanding our minds, from being trapped in false beliefs about ourselves or others and people in general. As we learn more about the brain, we are getting better at understanding our mental processes. What we are learning now challenges so much of our long standing beliefs about what it means to be human. And with that knowledge, maybe, is the opportunity to hack our cognitive biases and contribute to flourishing rather than suffering. To move civilisation from the veneer it is, to something more stable and valued. 

I think the world would be better if people were less ignorant and more informed about what is really going on their heads. More aware of what is driving their behaviour, and thus more able to pause and make different choices. Our minds are all we have, and our minds are powered by our brains. Let's get smarter, kinder and make the world a better place, together.