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I'm Sharlene and I'm fascinated by the brain (and the human condition). 

After a lifetime of working in marketing and consumer decision making, I've recently completed a degree in Cognitive and Brain Sciences. Learning about the brain is awe-inspiring. The brain is responsible for pretty much everything and anything we think, do, believe, remember, perceive. Working out how the brain shapes our perceptions is key to finding desperately needed new, intellectually honest narratives about who we are and our place in the world.  

We spend most of our time in the landscape of our own minds which are a hotbed of beliefs, powered by a neural network of billions of connections, created by genes and shaped by environment. I (perhaps naively) think the world would be better if people were less ignorant and more informed about what is really going on their heads. More aware of what is driving their behaviour, and thus more able to pause and make different choices.


But it's complex! I try to think about and communicate brain and mind science in practical ways that help us be better humans. Let's get smarter, kinder and make the world a better place, together.

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